5 Easy Steps to Detect Incorrectly-Sized Industrial Air Compressors

An industrial air compressor has to work to its limits every day, making it crucial that you properly operate and maintain it. Consistent max-level operation can lead to sped-up industrial air compressor wear and tear. This is why it is important to make sure you only use correctly-sized air compressors for your applications.

Here are five easy steps to diagnose whether your industrial air compressor is incorrectly sized:

Running Time

You can expect an air compressor to run consistently most of the time. With that said, you can gauge if you are using an incorrectly-sized air compressor by checking its running time. For instance, a piston machine that works much longer to achieve the needed compression is undersized. For better results, you might want to use a rotary compressor instead.

Utility Bill Monitoring

Oversized machines go through constant stop-and-go operations. You turn them on, operate, and turn them off because they’ve met your demand. This can result in a higher utility bill every month, indicating an overpowered air compressor.

Compressor Flow Rate

You can enlist the assistance of precision plant profiling services to understand the compressor flow rate your operations require. Professional service providers can do this for you and then recommend a compatible air compressor using their profiling data.

Operational Pressure Requirements

All your tools require a minimum supply of pressure, measured in pounds per square inch (PSI). Most equipment require 90-100PSI. Thus, multiplying that figure with the tool quantity you have is the PSI level your air compressors should reach. In addition, allow for some overhead pressure capabilities to ensure the machine can handle some extra tasks and avoid immediate wear.

Electrical Conditions

Your machine needs a good electrical source to work properly. Therefore, consult with local technicians and your air compressor installation team to make sure you have the right setup for your air compressors, or if upgrades to your system are needed.

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