6 Essential Industrial Air Compressor Accessories to Keep Handy

Industrial air compressors are responsible for the smooth functioning of businesses across various industries. Industrial air compressor accessories ensure the proper functioning of compressors. Considering how important these accessories are, it’s good to know that they can be conveniently replaced or modified to improve operational efficiency. Here are six essential compressor accessories that every business should have handy.

Important industrial air compressor accessories


Panel and oil filters are crucial for the cleansing of air to minimize the oil in the air intake and output. Filters help your compressor system run more efficiently while preventing degradation. Depending on the type of your work, it’s advisable to have an oil-removing filter, a dust filter, or a pre-filter on hand.


Regular oil replacement will result in prolonged machine lifespan and performance. Having enough oil available will ensure that you are prepared for late-night or weekend shifts.

Open and close inlet valves

These valves open and close according to your control air valve’s commands. These essential industrial air compressor accessories are an investment towards a stable and dependable machine.

Donut gaskets

Oil return lines have zero oil seepage due to donut gaskets. Having an extra set of donut gaskets would be helpful in situations where you find an oil leakage. We also recommend replacing these gaskets annually.

Control air values

Air demand regulation is a crucial air compressor process. A faulty control air value would result in air compressor shutdown. These are a great investment towards consistent air compressor performance.

Hose and hose reels

Machines and tools that industrial air compressors power require high-quality hoses and hose reels. Make sure that you purchase the right hose for the job. Long hoses can lose power, while short hoses will limit tool movement and productivity.

Get The Best Accessories From Dependable Manufacturers

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